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When tragedy struck a poor Indian family during the COVID-19 pandemic, ICMIF’s 5-5-5 programme was a critical lifeline

At the beginning of 2020, Mrs Mariammal and her husband, a casual laborer, lived off a monthly income of around 13 USD in a small village in Tamilnadu, India. Mrs Mariammal is a member policyholder of ICMIF member organisation the DHAN Foundation, one of...

Mrs Nagammal’s son received medical treatment without up-front costs

Mrs Nagammal is a member of the Sellur Vattara Kallanjiam (a women’s self-help group based in Madurai, Southern India).

Both Mrs Rakku’s husband and daughter receive healthcare treatment (India)

Mrs Rakku resides in Madurai (Southern India). She is the Vice-President of Sellur Vattara Kallanjam, a women’s self-help group formed through the DHAN Foundation (India). Through her membership of this self-help group, Mrs Rakku has enrolled both...

Mrs Aatheeswari claimed INR 20,000 after her husband’s death

Mrs Aatheeswari resides in the Southern Indian city of Madurai. Around a third of the city’s population reside in slums. Mrs Aatheeswari’s 73-year-old husband recently fell down a flight of stairs. He was very badly hurt and left speechless as a result...

Rebeca Sollestre was able to continue caring for her grandchildren

The Philippines
Rebeca Sollestre, 62 years old, lives with her two grandchildren in Brgy Cawayan in Quezon (the Philippines). She works at a piggery, and tends to the fields that she and her 12 siblings share. Rebeca joined CARE MBA in 2017, through her membership of...

"Microinsurance was a huge help" says Gilda Susa

The Philippines
Ms Gilda Susa is a 51-year-old fish vendor at the local palengke (market) in Brgy Boboin in Real, Quezon (the Philippines). She gathers freshly caught fish from the docks each day and sells what she can. She joined CARE MBA as a member in 2017.