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Emelyn Orozco says microinsurance provides aid to those living in poverty

The Philippines

Ms Emelyn Orozco from Brgy Lubayat, Quezon (the Philippines) joined CARE MBA in 2016. At 40 years old, she is a housewife and lives with her husband and daughter.

For Emelyn, living in poverty has opened her mind to programmes like microinsurance that provide aid to people in similar conditions. She explains that being a policyholder is a huge help particularly when family members are left behind.

Tragedy struck Emelyn and her family with the untimely passing of her brother in 2018, but she was able claim PHP 11,000 (USD 215) due to her microinsurance policy, covering the costs of her brother’s burial.

The claims process was quick and easy, described Emelyn. She explained that it was CARE MBA who went out of their way to process her claim as a beneficiary.