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A number of Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc (KDCI) and Kasagana-Ka Mutual Benefit Association (K-MBA) members’ children have been participating in the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program (KJSP), which was launched in 2007. This scholarship programme has helped over 45 high school students and 39 college students by supporting them through their education with a financial scholarship. 

For the academic year 2014-2015, 27 new scholars were admitted to the Scholarship Program, adding to the 47 scholars already participating. As of 2013, K-MBA has released PHP 1.6 million (USD 31,000) in scholarship funds. The KJSP shares the vision of KDCI and K-MBA, which is to ensure members and their families benefit from their membership contributions. Every child or student who wishes to benefit from the scholarship must be a son or daughter of a KDCI member or another K-MBA partner institution. 

K-MBA first began in 2006 and now has over 47,000 members. K-MBA is a member of RIMANSI, and is part of Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc