Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Putting members at the centre of governance

Board member
The Philippines

The CARD MBA Board of Trustees are elected by fellow CARD MBA members. The Board has a vital function in ensuring that the association continues in its planned direction of promoting microinsurance to everyone, and especially to the homes of the most vulnerable. 

Mrs Virginia D Baldo, the former President of the Board of Trustees, was an ordinary member of CARD MBA before she was elected. She has witnessed how poverty is no longer a hindrance in obtaining life insurance. Mrs  Baldo explains, on behalf of the Board, “we are thankful of how the CARD MBA Board of Trustees is organised and selected. It gives importance to members’ views with regards to the services and products offered by CARD MBA”. Mrs Baldo was a member of the Board when the Golden Life Insurance Product (GLIP), a microinsurance product for members 70 years old and above), was launched. She has also been able to actively participate when calamities and catastrophes have happened, and CARD MBA was there to readily help and give assistance to its members. 

CARD MBA is the Philippines’ largest MBA, with over 3 million active members as of July 2016, covering over 11 million individuals.