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Uplift community clinics a bonus for the elderly

Uplift India Association

Mrs. Vatsala Bartakhe, 80 year-old Uplift member shares her experience “The Uplift clinic has been a bonus for the elderly as it is accessible, affordable and helps us keep a regular tab on our health. I have been taking medicines for hypertension for the last 5-6 years. In February this year, I heard that Uplift had opened a community clinic in my neighbourhood. Although I was not a member, I visited the clinic to get my blood pressure (BP) tested. The doctor informed me that though I was taking BP medicines, my BP was very high. She advised me to visit my family doctor immediately as high BP could result in life threatening complications such as stroke, paralysis.”

She elaborates, “I visited my family doctor the next day and to his surprise he found my BP high. He immediately changed my medication. After taking the changed medicines for 15 day I visited Uplift’s community clinic and to my relief my BP was normal. This incident made me realize the importance of Uplift’s health services and I became a member. Now I am a regular visitor to the community clinic and the health camps.”