Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Our impact

Mrs Sadhana Mistry's daughter receives the right medical care

Mrs Sadhana Mistry's 20 year old daughter Shubhangi was admitted in V.N Desai hospital due to severe vomiting, diarrhea and high fever. She was diagnosed with a stomach infection.

DHAN policyholder receives affordable healthcare treatment

One woman describes how she was able to gain access to the healthcare services she desperately needed, thanks to her microinsurance policy with the DHAN Foundation.   

Putting members at the centre of governance

The Philippines
The CARD MBA Board of Trustees are elected by fellow CARD MBA members. The Board has a vital function in ensuring that the association continues in its planned direction of promoting microinsurance to everyone, and especially to the homes of the most...

Claim payment enabled widow to fund childrens’ education

The Philippines
Mr Ronaldo Joson of San Miguel, Bulacan, was an active member of ASKI MBA for almost four years. On the evening of 6 August 2016, he unexpectedly suffered a heart attack and later died. His wife, Mrs Joson (pictured), was understandably shocked. On 10...

ICMIF member K-MBA provides more than insurance

The Philippines
A number of Kasagana-Ka Development Center, Inc (KDCI) and Kasagana-Ka Mutual Benefit Association (K-MBA) members’ children have been participating in the Kuya Jun Scholarship Program (KJSP), which was launched in 2007. This scholarship programme has...

Claim paid to Mr Guzman enabled family to open local store

The Philippines
Mr Ramil de Guzman, 27 years old, is the son of a deceased member of Kasagana-Ka MBA, Inc (K-MBA). His mother was an active K-MBA member, and when she passed away the family received payment of their claim by K-MBA. Ramil de Guzman explains, “The...