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Process innovation at Uplift: members issued photo ID cards within minutes of enrolment

From 26 April 2017, Uplift has begun issuing on the spot Identity Cards (I-Cards) to its members at the time of enrolment. The turnaround time in issuing I-Cards has reduced from 30-45 days to half an hour. This has been made possible by using the web based software directly on field instead of back office.

At Uplift, each member family is issued an I-Card after enrolment which included member details, the services they can avail, and how to avail them, product details, reimbursement application process and various rules of mutual. These I-cards must be produced at various network hospitals and community clinics under UPLIFT, to avail the services for free or at special discounts.

The earlier practice at Uplift has been to enrol the members, fill all their details in the enrolment form, centrally print the I-Cards in their office and distribute them later.

Vrushali Vengurlekar, MIS Manager Uplift, explains, “Under the 5-5-5 program, when I-Card distribution started on field, Uplift faced a lot of hurdles that caused delay in distributing the cards as we were not using the usual microcredit network channel. Most members were not available at home during the day. As members live in dense slums of Mumbai it was very difficult to locate their house using the address they had given. This led to further delay in I-Card distribution, loss or misplacement of I-Cards. The process was causing a lot of stress on resources and Uplift realised that if it has to scale the model this process will be inefficient.”

The challenge was to provide the members with I cards before the policy started without causing increase in field resources and still have the opportunity to meet the member one to one to explain the member the details of the I card.

As part of this new process, Uplift’s IT Team accompanies the field team during enrolment. As members fill the enrolment form, the IT Team scans the form, feeds the details in the MIS and creates the member ID card on the click of the button.

“We are looking forward to review all our field processes keeping the scalability in mind but also taking care that we establish efficient point of contacts with the member. Making use of technology we aim to reach more number of members with less strain on human resources, which can then be effectively used to deliver more services on field and provide value to the members. We hope that the distribution of I- Cards immediately after paying contribution also acts as confidence building measure amongst new members as this is a tangible proof of their membership” said Nandini KS, Assistant Director Operations Uplift.

Uplift members with their newly Issued I-Cards.png

Uplift members with their newly issued I-Cards

Photo (above) shows: Uplift members with their newly Issued I-Cards


Members learning how to use their I_Card.jpg

Members learning how to use their I_Card

Photo (above) shows Uplift members learning how to use their I_Card

About the Project

Through ICMIF’s 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy, Uplift aims to bring health mutual aid solutions to an additional half a million low-income people in Mumbai and Pune over the next five years. The project was launched in August 2016 and is supported by ICMIF members, The Co-operators (Canada), Länsförsäkringar (Sweden) and the Achmea Foundation (The Netherlands).