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Zenkyoren affirms support to the 5-5-5 Strategy in new video interview

In April 2018, Hiroko Kowada and Naruto Takahashi of ICMIF member Zenkyoren (Japan) visited the DHAN Foundation in Madurai, India to see first-hand the impact of their organisation's support to the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy on poor communities in India.

Their visit began with a field trip where attendees met with policyholders and members of DHAN's federation groups. This was followed by a comprehensive meeting with key leaders of the DHAN Foundation focusing on successes of the previous year and defining the goals for the second to fifth years’ of the project. Bas, a Finance and Control Manager, of ICMIF member company Achmea (the Netherlands) also attended the annual review meeting as part of a Technical Assistance assignment for the DHAN Foundation (find out more).

In the interview, Hiroko, Manager, Cooperative Collaboration Division, Zenkyoren and Executive Secretary of the Asia and Oceania Association of ICMIF (AOA), reports: "Zenkyoren, the organisation we are working for, conducts cooperative insurance business in Japan. We greatly sympathise with the concept behind the 5-5-5 strategy; therefore, we have decided to support the 5-5-5."

Naruto, Assistant Manager, Cooperative Collaboration Division, Zenkyoren (Japan) and Secretary, AOA, confirms: "Well, having come here and actually seen the activities you carry out here with our own eyes yesterday and today, we feel that our decision has been justified."

Watch the interview here