2 million insured
10 million lives protected

Achmea (The Netherlands)

"Achmea Foundation and Achmea are working together to organize assignments, for which Achmea employees go abroad for one or two weeks to deliver expert advice to partners of Achmea Foundation. These assignments are designed to create a win-win-win situation: our partners gains expert knowledge and tailored advice, the local community benefits via improved services from the partner, and Achmea employees gain a great learning opportunity."

Achmea Foundation; sustainable impact through social innovation

The Achmea Foundation is an independent foundation, established by Achmea (a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands) in 2006. The Achmea Foundation initiates and supports projects that help to permanently improve the lives of people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. They regard the concepts of self-reliance, solidarity and cooperation as key values rooted in Achmea’s history as a cooperative.

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