Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Seguros Unimed (Brazil)

"As a company based on vocational and cooperative values, Seguros Unimed is committed to the development of people and communities grounded on collaboration. Our choice goes beyond the walls of the organization and materializes through supporting inclusion and social/economic development actions, such as ICMIF´s 5-5-5 Program.

The major purpose of Seguros Unimed´s institutional support is to foster the development of a mutual relationship and the construction of vulnerable communities around the world."

Dr. Helton Freitas, Executive President, Seguros Unimed

Seguros Unimed manages a portfolio of over 6 million policyholders with products spanning life, pension, health, dental, and non-life (property and medical liability) segments. With its headquarters in São Paulo and 22 regional offices throughout Brazil, it seeks to continuously improve its processes and products and understand the real needs of its customers. The company is part of the Unimed System, the largest health cooperative group in the world.

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