Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.


What is the landscape for mutual microinsurance in India?
As the world’s most populous country, and with just under a quarter of the population under the poverty line there is significant potential to develop microinsurance in India. Mutual insurance is not widely known in India, despite being in existence even before the country’s independence in 1947. The total number of low-income lives covered under mutual microinsurance was around 1 million in 2015. With about 600,000 cooperatives in the country with a membership of over 250 million people, the potential of developing mutual and cooperative insurance in India is enormous.

Where are we now?
The country diagnostic and strategy stages are complete, and the diagnostic study is now publically available

The country intervention programme in India will be conducted in two phases. 

Phase I
For Phase I, ICMIF has partnered with local ICMIF member Uplift India Association to expand the health network of their existing flagship programme, Uplift Mutuals, reaching out to new communities and making them resilient to health disasters. This programme commenced in August 2016 and over the next five years, Uplift will cover an additional 200,000 households under health mutual microinsurance protection (equating to over 1 million livelihoods).

Phase II
For Phase II, ICMIF will be working with the DHAN Foundation to supply 1 million previously unprotected households (or over 5 million livelihoods) with its mutual life, health and livestock microinsurance products over the next five years. These individuals reside in low-income and marginalised communities, which are very vulnerable to multiple everyday risks.The project with the DHAN Foundation first launched in April 2017. 


Project partners: DHAN Foundation (India) | Uplift Mutuals (India)

Supporting partners: Achmea (the Netherlands) | American Agricultural Insurance Company (USA) | The Co-operators (Canada) | FMG (New Zealand) | Groupe VYV (France) | Insurance Institute of India (India) | JCIF (Japan) | LB Group (Denmark) | San Cristobal (Argentina) | Sancor Seguros (Argentina) | Seguros Unimed (Brazil) | UNMI (France) | Thrivent Financial (USA) | Tuw Tuw (Poland) | UCMAF (Japan) | Unipol Gruppo (Italy)UNIVE Dichtbij (The Netherlands) | Zenkyoren (Japan) | Zenrosai (Japan)



Photo shows: DHAN Foundation insurance literacy training session with policyholders in Theni, India