Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Supporting partners

The Achmea Foundation is an independent foundation, established by Achmea (a leading insurance company based in the Netherlands) in 2006. The Achmea Foundation initiates and supports projects that help to permanently improve the lives of people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. They regard the concepts of self-reliance, solidarity and cooperation as key values rooted in Achmea’s history as a cooperative.

Achmea Reinsurance are the competence centre in the field of reinsurance within Achmea. Their know-how and experience of reinsurance and related financial instruments ensure that the Achmea Group is able to fulfil its long-term commitments to its customers. The heart of the organization is formed by the centre of synergy and innovation (CSI). This project organization focusses on result driven innovation, the development and empowerment of the employees and improvement of its processes. By working in this way, they are able to realize our business goals and employ our people on the basis of their talents.

Alka Forsikring is an insurance company owned by trade unions, a number of companies affiliated with the trade unions, the insurance company Folksam in Sweden, as well as Alka's employees. Alka has just over 500 employees, most of whom work at its head office in Taastrup, Denmark. ALKA values ​are simplicity and trust - this is reflected in its customer-centric and efficient customer service. Its vision is to provide its customers with the best customer experience in Denmark.

Founded in 1986 as a social development organization, the Centre for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD MRI) has now grown into the Philippines’ largest microfinance company. CARD MRI offers microloans to support the livelihood activities of poor women. It also initiates CARD MRI’s programs in education, health, and agriculture.

FMG is New Zealand’s leading rural insurer and has been an important part of the New Zealand farming landscape for over 100 years. They are a mutually owned insurer that was formed to help rural New Zealanders protect their farms and livelihoods and do this by providing risk advice and insurance to over 76,000 people across 30 offices nationwide. 

Folksam is a Swedish insurance company that offers a wide variety of insurance, savings and loan products to suit every need. Their vision is to contribute to a long-term sustainable society where customers feel secure. Folksam have an active environmental policy, unique road safety research, and work vigilantly to invest capital in a responsible manner.

Groupe VYV is the leading player in health insurance and the leading national operator of care and support services. Its vocation is to become a referent actor of the social and solidarity economy, building the future of social protection and ever more solidarity.

The Insurance Institute of India (III) was established in 1955 for the purpose of promoting insurance education and training in India. III courses leading to Associate/Fellow (AIII/FIII) certifications and specialized Diploma and training programs conducted by its College of Insurance are held in esteem both by the regulator and the industry in India and in many other countries. In its role as a leading education and training provider, III is closely associated with all the segments of the insurance industry which includes the Insurance Regulatory and International Insurance Society (IIS) and the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) in addition to several universities in India.

The Länsförsäkringar Alliance is unique in the Swedish bank and insurance market. The 23 customer-owned regional insurance companies cooperate, thereby combining the ability of a small company to adapt to its customers with the strength of a large company. Everything developed in the form of products, concepts and system support is based exclusively on customer needs.


LB Group is a member mutual insurance group based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The objective of the Group is to offer private insurances to teachers, pedagogues, nurses and other groups in the education or healthcare sector along with members of specific professional groups. LB Group is the fourth largest private insurance company in Denmark with more than 385,000 members and 630 employees.