Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Supporting partners

UNIVE is a cooperative insurance company based in the Netherlands, built on the principle of sharing risks and combining forces to give people a sense of peace and security. UNIVE prides itself on working closely with its members to find the best solution for both their personal business needs.

We Effect is a 60 year old Swedish organisation, working with local cooperatives in 25 countries. Within both programmes, in rural development and adequate housing, both gender equality and financial inclusion are key factors in the strategy. We Effect work through mutual partnerships strengthening local and democratic civil society organisations, to improve living conditions, enforce accountability of duty-bearers, defend their rights and contribute to a more just world.

Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) was founded in 1951 to insure members of the farming community as a cooperative insurance organization under the motto “One for all, all for one.”Zenkyoren is tasked with providing insurance coverage for JA members and policyholders against accidental loss of life and property damage, and assisting them with worry-free coverage throughout their lives.

ZENROSAI stands for the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Cooperatives. Based on the cooperative principle, ZENROSAI provides insurance and mutual help for its members. ZENROSAI is a not-for-profit organisation, owned, managed and utilised by members who wish to protect themselves financially and improve their living standards. Founded on the "One for All and All for One" ideal of cooperatives, ZENROSAI is organized on the basis of person-to-person cooperation.