Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Interview with DHAN Foundation hospital coordinator (India)

Ms Palaneeswari, SUHAM Hospital coordinator for the DHAN Foundation (India), explains how policyholders are able to avoid paying for expensive medical treatments which they can’t afford when they are admitted to hospital: “When a patient gets admitted to hospital for treatment, the treatment is approved by the federation. This helps to provide affordable treatment for all the enrolled poor members.”

Ms Palaneeswari also discuss some of the reasons why the DHAN Foundation’s health microinsurance policy is different to other insurance providers in the video: “The other insurance products in the market have a lot of exclusions during the initial years. We have very minimal exclusions.”

SUHAM Hospital, where Ms Palaneeswari works, runs entirely on the efforts of village-level self-help groups (SHGs) formed by underprivileged village women in India. A survey undertaken in early 2007 by the SHGs revealed that poor families spent 40% of their income on medical treatments.

The DHAN Foundation’s health microinsurance product is distributed via a network of SHGs, which cluster together to form federations. Policyholders can receive treatment at an affordable cost at the SUHAM Hospital, which works directly with the federations to reclaim the cost of the policyholders’ treatment directly.