Extending mutual microinsurance to 5 million uninsured households in five countries over five years.

Interview with DHAN Foundation regional coordinator (India)

Mr Iyappan, a regional coordinator for the DHAN Foundation (India), explains why the DHAN Foundation initaited its microinsurance programme, and how policyholders benefit from their microinsurance policy, in this short video interview.

Mr Iyappan comments: "In the first year we started our health insurance programme with our own Kalanjam (self-help group) members with the support of People Mutuals (the insurance arm of the DHAN Foundation)."

He also added: "Lots of poor Kalanjam members have been able to benefit from this programme... The claims delay has been reduced from 15 months to 1 or 2 months, which is our greatest achievement."

The ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy is aiming to scale up the DHAN Foundation's operations to reach over 1 million low-income people with microinsurance over the next five years.