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Interview with Mr M P Vasimalai, Executive Director, the DHAN Foundation (India)

In this video interview, taken at the DHAN Foundation’s offices in Madurai, Tamil Nadu (India), Mr M P Vasimali (Executive Director, the DHAN Foundation) discusses the DHAN Foundation’s project with ICMIF under the 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy. He also explains why the concept of mutuality is central to the work of the DHAN Foundation.

Mr Vasimali begins: “I’m really happy to share our positive experience of the collaboration between the DHAN Foundation and ICMIF.”

He continues “DHAN stands for “Development of Humane Action”. The Humaneness comes from addressing mutuality and solidarity.

“DHAN initiated our work with social capital. Where you bring unorganised people together thought mutuality, for their own livelihoods and also through savings.

“Why is DHAN involved in ICMIF’s collaborative programme (the 5-5-5)? I think this mutuality programme provides a unique niche for poor communities to address their vulnerabilities and risks. Either their livelihood risks, their life risks and also their crop risks.

“So mutuality impacts poor peoples’ lives by providing resilience to address these kinds of risks.

Mr Vasimali concludes: “Currently we are able to reach out to nearly 300,000 families with life, health and now we are going to work on livestock.”

Mr Vasimali has worked in development for over three decades and was instrumental to forming the DHAN Foundation in 1997.