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Visiting a health camp in rural Gujarat (Uplift Mutuals, India)

The village of Sadni Bata, situated in Gujarat (northern India), is so remote that it takes over an hour to reach from the nearest town. Many of the inhabitants have never seen a doctor before, and they lack access to basic healthcare services.

In October 2019 we visited a health camp in Sadni Bata village organised by Uplift Mutuals, the Mumbai-based pioneer of a community-owned health microinsurance programme, for Uplift policyholders/members.

In this short video, we interviewed three local leaders to discover the true impact the health camp is having to the low-income villagers of Sadni Bata. 

Mr Kamleshbhai Bhikhubhai Bagul Sarpanch, a local village leader, said: “We are really remote due to the mountainous terrain here so the provision of the health camp is really valuable… I hope you will continue to provide services to our village.”

This health camp was the first time many of the villagers had met with a doctor (read the full story).