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14 March 2019

Ms Palaneeswari, SUHAM Hospital coordinator for the DHAN Foundation (India), explains how policyholders are able to avoid paying for expensive medical treatments which they can’t afford when they are admitted to hospital: “When a patient gets admitted to hospital for treatment, the treatment is approved by the federation. This helps to provide affordable treatment for all the enrolled poor members.”

Ms Palaneeswari also discuss some of the reasons why the DHAN Foundation’s health microinsurance policy is different to other insurance providers in the video: “The other insurance products in the market have a lot of exclusions during the initial years. We have very minimal exclusions.”

SUHAM Hospital, where Ms Palaneeswari works, runs entirely on the efforts of village-level self-help groups (SHGs) formed by underprivileged village women in India. A survey undertaken in early 2007 by the SHGs revealed that poor families spent 40% of their income on medical treatments.

The DHAN Foundation’s health microinsurance product is distributed via a network of SHGs, which cluster together to form federations. Policyholders can receive treatment at an affordable cost at the SUHAM Hospital, which works directly with the federations to reclaim the cost of the policyholders’ treatment directly.

13 March 2019

Mrs Pottaiammal, from rural Tamil Nadu (India), is blind and has recently lost her husband. Fortunately, Mrs Pottaiammal had a microinsurance policy through the DHAN Foundation. She received a small claim payment of INR 10,000 (USD 150), enabling her to survive and not slip into extreme poverty as a result of her husband's death.  

She is visited by Mrs Pillai, a prominent women's group leader in Tamil Nadu.

08 March 2019

Mr Iyappan, a regional coordinator for the DHAN Foundation (India), explains why the DHAN Foundation initaited its microinsurance programme, and how policyholders benefit from their microinsurance policy, in this short video interview.

Mr Iyappan comments: "In the first year we started our health insurance programme with our own Kalanjam (self-help group) members with the support of People Mutuals (the insurance arm of the DHAN Foundation)."

He also added: "Lots of poor Kalanjam members have been able to benefit from this programme... The claims delay has been reduced from 15 months to 1 or 2 months, which is our greatest achievement."

The ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy is aiming to scale up the DHAN Foundation's operations to reach over 1 million low-income people with microinsurance over the next five years.

30 January 2019

One woman describes how she was able to gain access to the healthcare services she desperately needed.

30 January 2019

Palaniyammal and her family reside in rural Madurai (India). Before taking out health insurance cover through the DHAN Foundation they used to pay excessive amounts for treatments they could not afford. However, thanks to the DHAN Foundation project, supported by the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy, Palaniyammal’s family now has affordable health microinsurance which has changed their lives and recently saved the life of her sister-in-law. Through its partnership with ICMIF, the DHAN Foundation aims to cover an additional 1 million people with mutual microinsurance over a five period, so that many more people like Palaniyammal and her family can benefit from affordable health microinsurance.
29 January 2019

Palaniyammal y su familia residen en la zona rural de Madurai (India). Antes de contratar un seguro de salud a través de la Fundación DHAN, solían pagar cantidades excesivas por tratamientos que no podían permitirse.

Sin embargo, gracias al proyecto de la Fundación DHAN, apoyado por la Estrategia 5-5-5 de Microseguros Mutuales de la ICMIF, la familia de Palaniyammal tiene ahora microseguros de salud asequibles que han cambiado sus vidas y, recientemente, salvado la de su cuñada.

A través de su asociación con la ICMIF, la Fundación DHAN pretende cubrir con microseguros mutuales a un millón adicional de personas durante un período de cinco años, para que muchas más personas, como Palaniyammal y su familia, puedan beneficiarse de microseguros de salud asequibles.
29 January 2019


A través de la Estrategia 5-5-5 de Microseguros Mutuales de la ICMIF, la Fundación DHAN tiene como objetivo proporcionar seguro de salud asequible a más de 1 millón de personas que viven en comunidades pobres de la India, durante los próximos cinco años.

Una mujer describe cómo consiguió obtener acceso a los servicios de salud que necesitaba urgentemente gracias a su póliza de microseguros con la Fundación DHAN.

28 January 2019

しかし、ICMIF 5-5-5相互扶助のマイクロインシュランス戦略が支援するDHAN財団プロジェクトのおかげで、パラニヤマルの家族は現在、手の届く価格の健康マイクロインシュランスに加入できました。これにより彼らの生活は変わりました。最近では義理の姉の命が救われています。

28 January 2019

ICMIF 5-5-5相互扶助のマイクロインシュランス戦略を通じて、DHAN財団は今後5年間でインドの貧しい地域に暮らす100万人以上の人々に手頃な価格の健康保険を提供することを目指しています。


31 October 2018

Kumar Shailabh, Executive Director, Uplift Mutuals speaks about Uplift's project under the 5-5-5 during a field visit in rural Gujarat (India). Kumar also explains Uplift's partnership with the Anarde Foundation, an NGO formed to uplift and empower rural India.